Tempered Glass Door Network Rack

• Toughened transparent glass front door.
• Hex-vented hole rear door to improve cooling efficiency.
• Frame structure with 800kgs static loading capacity.
• Convenient Cable Brush for both cable entry and anti-dust.
• Preinstalled 4-Fans on top and Brush Panel for Anti-dust cable entry on top and bottom.
• Safenet punch tooling brand logo on side panels to protect brand tampering.

Safenet’s SNG-series Tempered Glass Door Network Rack is specially designed for High-Density Network Servers in the IT environment. The precise design with its cable management features allows for installation and organizing of a range of equipment including Horizontal Wire Managers, Patch Panels, Switches and Routers, Bridges as well as other rack-mounted devices. This versatility makes it a solution to mixed installation environments.

A. Removable Side Panels
Lockable side panels ease maintain and removable.
B. Heavy-Duty Bottom Plate
The bottom plate with an additional strengthening rib can guarantee the heavy load capacity to 150kgs.
C. Grounding Kit
Ensures Ground continuity between all parts of the cabinet and installation site ground point.
D. High-density Vented Rear Door
The doors are perforated for optimal airflow
E. Advanced Swivel Lock
Moonlight lock provides advanced security and easy operation.
F. Adjustable Leveling feet & Heavy Duty Caster
Casters support a rolling load capacity of 800kgs and leveling feet support a stationary load capacity of 800kgs.
S/A Part Name Quantity (22U) Quantity (32U/42U)
1 Top Cover 1 1
2 Bottom plate 1 1
3 Fan Unit 1 1
4 Frame 2 2
5 Front door 1 1
6 Rear door 1 1
7 Side Panel 2 2
8 Horizontal Beam 4 6
9 19″ Vertical Rails 4 4
10 Shelves 2 3
11 2″ Heavy Duty Caster 4 4
12 Adjustable Leveling Feet 4 4