63Amp Single Phase Intelligent Modular PDU

  • High-Density Power Distribution
  • High-Resolution LCD Display
  • Billing Grade Accuracy
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Daisy-Chain
  • Upgradable & Hot-Swap Controller
  • Upgradable & Scalable Output Modules
  • Flush Mount Low Profile Design
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Cable Retention Clip
  • Various Outlets Available
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Designed For High Availability

  • Hot-swappable and upgradeable monitoring features allow users to repair or upgrade the PDU without power interruption thus increase the online time of IT devices.
  • Secure cords with patented locking outlets to prevent accidental plug falling

Optimized Energy And Capacity Management

  • Quickly determine exactly where energy is being used. To simplify load balancing and reveal locations where spare power capacity is.
  • Saving energy by turn-off idle servers.  Provide on-the-spot status and help cut cooling costs.

Simplified integration with management tools

  • Integration with Manager software to simplify implementation and change management translating to real cost savings. 
  • SNMP v3 and Modbus support.
  • Support for integration with higher level data centre management software provided by third parties.

Compatibility With Racks And Power Chain

  • Compatible with all industry racks and can be pre-installed in major brand racks to reduce installation costs and save implementation time.
  • Available in all major global voltage and  amperage  combinations typically used in data centre or remote sites


High Resolution LCD Display

2.8” FTF color LCD with high resolution displays crystal clear and rich information of PDU data and configuration.

Billing Grade Accuracy

Accurate kWh metering function measures actual energy usage for charge-back billing.

Environmental Monitoring

Optional plug-and-play environmental sensors alert
potential threats which could cause downtime.


Enables multiple MPDUs to share the same network
thus to save IP resources.

Upgradable & Scalable Output Modules

Meet the needs of developing technologies and
changing business.

Flush Mount Low Profile Design

Low profile magnetic circuit breaker
and slim chassis save valuable space in the rack.

Upgradable & Hot-Swap Controller

The Controller can be replaced or upgraded without
the need to power down your rack.

Flexible Mounting Options

Pre-installed button or brackets mounting for vertical
MPDUs into the rack.

Cable Retention Clip

Effectively prevent downtime caused by accidental
cable fallout.

Various Outlets Available

Built-to-Order options available for additional
configuration needs like UK, Schuko, Australia or
even mixed receptacles.

Configurable Color

Color-coded Chassis or outlet configurable color including red, blue, yellow, orange are available on request.

High-Density Power Distribution

Fewer PDUs with more outlets in the same space to support data center power needs.


SAFENET IMPDU provides users with local display, Web interface, Safenet Manager software or 3rd part DCIM to monitor and manage all PDUs

Local LCD Display

Remove the risk of overload when deploying or moving critical IT equipment throught a local crystal clear LCD display, offering better capacity management in addition to reliable distribution.

Built-in Web Interface

Monitors PDUs parameters via web browser with no dedicated software required.
Simultaneous view of up to 4 MPDUs.


Enable you to manage thousands of PDUs with a combined dashboard view, management, consolidated alerts & reporting.

DCIM Integration

Integrate your Intelligent MPDU to communicate with your existing DCIM or BMS solution through SNMP or standard Modbus interface.


The MPDU series is designed to suit the operational requirements of next-generation data centres. MPDU is a Sustainable, Upgradeable and Maintainable (SUM) PDU system which can be re-configured or upgraded hot without affecting the operation of a data centre.


Side barcket installation

Toolless button installation

Input Phase Single Phase
Nominal Voltage (Volt) 230
Max Input Current (Amp) 63
Rated Input Current (Amp) 63
Power Capacity (KW) 14.5
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Plug Type IEC60309 (2P+E)
Power Cord Spec 3 x 10.0mm² x 3 m
Wiring Style L-N Wiring
Output Nominal Voltage (Volt) 230
Max Output Current 63
Total Outlet Quantity 24
Socket IEC320 C13 With Anti-Fall Lock Rated Current (Amp 10
Outlet Quantity 18
IEC 320 C19 Rated Current (Amp) Outlet Quantity 16
Rated Current (Amp) Outlet Quantity 06
Control Ports Ethernet 1 × RJ45 Port
Serial (MODBUS Supported) 1 × RS485 Port
Daisy-Chain (In-Out) 2 × RS485 Ports
Sensor 2 × RJ11 Ports
Alarm 1× RJ11 Port
Protection Circuit Overload 4 x 16A hydraulic
Circuit Breakers; Single Pole
Operating Environment Temperature -10~450C
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
Elevation (m) 0~3000
Mechanical Specification Dimension (mm) 1829 x 56 x 52
(Sheet Metal Case)
Physical Stacking Daisy chain up to 4 Rack MPDU’s (1 master 3 slaves)
Weight (kg) 10
Mechanical Design Rear Button Mounting
Certification CE RoHS